Monday, December 15, 2008

The Overall on The Sphinx

As I have said, the sphinx is a symbol of a Pharaoh's Power in Egypt. It represents the god Horus who is the god of government and religion(side note: Horus if the god Osiris's son).The Pharaoh's face is the self-indulgent(in my opinion) Pharaoh Khafare, son of Pharaoh Khufu. His tomb is directly southwest of his fathers tomb in Giza, Egypt. The Prince Thutmose IV fell asleep next to the sphinx and had a dream as he described it. This was belived to be a publicity stunt to boost his popularity in Egypt. He didn't have a very long term as Pharaoh, but we somehow still talk about him. I hoped you liked this blog and I hope you respond to at least one of these. Understand dear reader, that most of the information I recieved was repetetive so again thank you for reading this if you do!

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