Monday, December 15, 2008

The Overall on The Sphinx

As I have said, the sphinx is a symbol of a Pharaoh's Power in Egypt. It represents the god Horus who is the god of government and religion(side note: Horus if the god Osiris's son).The Pharaoh's face is the self-indulgent(in my opinion) Pharaoh Khafare, son of Pharaoh Khufu. His tomb is directly southwest of his fathers tomb in Giza, Egypt. The Prince Thutmose IV fell asleep next to the sphinx and had a dream as he described it. This was belived to be a publicity stunt to boost his popularity in Egypt. He didn't have a very long term as Pharaoh, but we somehow still talk about him. I hoped you liked this blog and I hope you respond to at least one of these. Understand dear reader, that most of the information I recieved was repetetive so again thank you for reading this if you do!

The Sleeping Prince

It was prince Thutmose IV who made the sphinx famous again in Egypt way after it was built. As the story was told the sphinx was buried and Prince Thutmose IV happened to fall asleep next to it. He had a dream that Horus told him to renew it. Now I know what your thinking, pretty freaky right! Well it was thought he used this to receive popularity from the people to take the throne. Eventually he did but his reign was short because his dad didn't die soon enough for him. He also didn't receive a big tomb rather a smaller tomb than he intended. Even though he didn't have much of a term as a Pharaoh, he managed to slide into a part of the Sphinx history.

This is the Sphinx at night. Now imagine a grown man sleeping next to this thing.

The acient symbol of the great sphinx

The Sphinx itself actually represents the Pharaoh's power in Egypt. It also represents the God Horus (Osiris's son) who was the god of government and leadership Egypt. Getting back to the face topic, did you know that by the middle kingdom in Egypt no one knew who's face was on the sphinx!? That doesn't make any sense. However if you put it a certain way Pharaoh Khafare was already dead for a really long time. This is the god Horus himself. Besides the bird head he might have looked somthing like this. I mean the world was created like not long after he was so he'd get a work out hunting and stuff.

Friday, December 12, 2008

In the beginning

The face on the Sphinx is that of Pharaoh Khafre. His Father Pharaoh Khufu had the great pyramid built. Khafre tried to do the same but it wasn't as large. His Tomb is directly south west of his father's tomb. Any way Pharaoh Kahfre is the face on the great Sphinx along with many other statues because he apparently loved seeing his face carved into stuff.( Hint: the title of the blog.) Pharaoh Kafare is a lot like celebrities in our time because his face was probably everywhere. More like Kanye West because he THINKS he's the best.

What is a Sphinx?

A Sphinx is actually a symbol of an Egyptian Pharaoh's power. It represents the god of government and leadership, Horus. The Sphinx is actually two things in one. The face is what is supposed to represent Horus. The body, which is a lion, is supposed to represent solar power. When I first started to research this topic I thought it was a backwards Egyptian god. Instead of an animal head and a persons body, it's a Pharaoh's head and an animals body. Cool huh? Actually it wasn't seen that way by some Egyptians. It was considered by some Egyptians not worthy of being worshiped.